07.29.143 years in LA!

And I think I'll stay for another 3 if thats ok. The bands I'm working with most now are Smoke Season and Maria De La Vega and the Wayward Five .

Smoke Season is an Indie Rock band that just released a new EP which I am proud to be a part of. We are playing a lot around LA in venues such as The Satellite, The Troubadour, The Echo, The Mint, and The Bootleg. We are also starting to expand our reach beyond LA with shows in NYC this summer and fall, shows in San Diego, and a residency at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Wayward Five is a jazz group led by the fantastic singer Maria De La Vega. We currently have a residency at The Hotel Bel Air where we play every Wednesday from 7-11 and play often at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Fridays. We also can be seen in other venues around LA such as the Barkley in Pasadena and the Jonathan Club downtown and in Santa Monica. We are in the process for recording our first album so stay tuned for updates on the release.

I'm still playing with the bands listed below, most of which have a new album in the past year, and all of which are worth giving a listen! Lastly, I am doing lots of freelance work with singer songwriters and jazz acts who need a bassist for their live show or studio recordings so there is always something new and exciting going on!

01.24.13long time no post

I guess its about time I put something up here since I haven't posted since I first made this website. I've been in LA for a little over a year now and a lot's been going on. I'm playing in a variety of bands and im always looking for new projects. Here is a quick summary of what im up to and feel free to click on the names to check out their websites.

I play with a jazz trio weekly at Bandera and the South Beverly Grille. The group is led by Louis Durra .

I play in a folk rock group called The Cerny Brothers . We recorded an album with the producer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and we are playing more and more shows around California.

I am playing with a few other singer songwriter acts that I really enjoy. We play semiregularly around LA. All of these groups have just released or will release a new album very shortly so be sure to check out the recordings!

Eddie Berman and the Iron Rails

Sarah Pigion

Lastly, I'm shredding with a metal band, called Weapon-X . Its been awesome.

10.15.11Los Angeles!!!

As of one week ago, I am now a resident of Los Angeles. I just moved here on a whim and am excited to become a part of the vast and diverse music scene here in LA. I am looking for bands to join and students to teach, so if you know of any that are looking let me know!