My history as a performer:

I began playing music when I was 4 years old. I grew up the youngest of 4 and all of my brothers and sisters were musicians. I began on piano but by the age of 10, I gravitated towards the bass guitar. Soon after I picked up the upright bass and now I play all three. I studied music at Stanford University and Berkelee College of music, but my best education has been on the bandstand. Since graduating college 5 years ago, I have been a professional freelance musician playing Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock, and R&B. I also enjoy playing Classical, Latin, and Electronic music.
My career has taken me around the United States and Europe, I have played big stages and small. From the smallest bar to open air ampitheaters, I will always give my best possible performance because you must believe in anything you put your name on. It does not matter who or how many people are in the audience, the desire to make beautiful music must come from within.

My history as a teacher:

I began my career as teacher not by teaching music but by teaching academics. In high school I tutored those with special needs and those who just needed a little extra help getting through a tough class. In college I began freelancing teaching music to other students. In 2005, I began working at The Guitarist studios as their sole bass instructor and worked there for 4 great years teaching individual lessons. From 2005 on I also have freelanced teaching students bass, piano, and drums and this past year, I created and ran a summer jazz program that worked with an entire band. For more information, please follow the link to my resume below.